Shooting Days Out

Looking for an interesting day out in St Andrews? We’re 10 minutes down the road! Bored of sitting in front of the TV? Completed all the levels you can on the latest Playstation game? Or perhaps you’re just a bit tired of playing golf and want a day doing something different? Come down to the SCSC and either learn to shoot clays or hone the skills you already have.

While golf may be a great game, it’s much more stressful than clay shooting. At the SCSC we can guarantee that you will never get stuck in a bunker, you’ll never suffer from a vicious slice and we’ll never make you wear ridiculous clothes just to get onto the ground. Oh, and we don’t have yearly membership or green fees either.

You can either come along for a one-to-one lesson with some of the best instructors you’ll find or you can simply come and have a go at all the different trap layouts that we have to offer. If you do want to shoot on your own we will need to see a valid and up-to-date shotgun certificate.

Do give the ground a call to book your hour lesson, day out or afternoon of shooting.

"This is definitely one of the best shooting schools I have been to. The staff are friendly, informative and highly experienced. There is a huge range of clay simulations suitable for beginners to the most experienced, the highlight of the day was the simulated drive as the finale. The school is great for big parties, a small group or simply on your own."

Henry G, Perthshire