When are you open?
We are open every Friday and Saturday throughout the year and we can open on any other day if there are four or more of you who would like a lesson. We are often open on Wednesdays and Sundays, but it is always better to call ahead and book.

Do I need to book?
It is better to book as we do get busy. However, we should be able to accommodate if you are just passing by the centre.

What do I need to wear?
We can provide all the shooting equipment you need, however, it is advisable to come in warm clothes. We’ve been at the centre in 30 degree heat, but this is Scotland…

What sort of footwear do I need?
The ground has been covered with gravel so while good boots aren’t essential, they are advised. In the dry summer months you’ll be fine in lighter footwear.

Do I need my own gun?
Absolutely not. However, if you do have your own feel free to bring it. When you’re not at the SCSC you will be shooting with your gun so we want to make sure that you are as accurate with that as possible.

Do I need to bring cartridges?
We can provide cartridges for almost every size of shotgun. If you’d like to use your own cartridges, though, that is absolutely fine as long as they are safe and certified.

Is there disabled access and can you cater for those with disabilities?
Yes, the ground is very flat and you don’t have to leave the gravel to shoot. Almost no disability is a barrier to shooting so do please contact us to discuss.

How long do the lessons last?
The lessons can last anywhere between half an hour (for the Introductory lesson) to an hour (for the Advanced lesson). We don’t stick to these, though, as we want to go at your pace.

Do I have to have a lesson?
No you don’t – if you have a shotgun certificate you can use our Claymate system (explained below) and head out onto the ground on your own. We charge only 34p per clay so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting some of the best value clays in the country. We’ve done just that – heading out on our own – but nothing beats having an instructor with you. If you want to improve, it’s the best way

What’s a Claymate system?
The Promatic Claymate system enables you to take a card out onto the ground to count all the clays you use. The traps won’t work without the card and it enables you to shoot safe in the knowledge that you will be charged for exactly the number of clays you have used.

How can I book?
You can book by calling us on 01334 839 218 or, outside of office hours, on 0777 800 3933. You can also book a lesson using the form here or email us (rosalind@craigiefarm.co.uk). To book an experience day use the form here.

Is there a limit to the size of group we can bring?
We’ve catered for groups of up to 35 people in one go and can provide flushes of hundreds of birds. However, if you are a group of three or more we strongly recommend booking in advance.

Can we have a competition between friends?
Absolutely – we can sort everything from scoring to medals!

Can I come and practice before a registered shoot?
Of course you can. We will be set up a week beforehand so do come down the Saturday before.

I’ve never shot before and am nervous that it might hurt. Should I give it a go?
If you’re not taught properly firing a gun can hurt. However, we have the best instructors who make sure that this doesn’t happen.

I want to buy a gun, can you help?
We can indeed. Our director is a registered firearms dealer and we can help find you the perfect gun.

Can I keep my gun with you between visits?
Sadly not. We can only store guns that are registered to us. We can, however, help you find the right gun safe and the right people to install it.