Introductory Lesson

Price: £39.50
Targets included: 15
Lesson length: Around 30 minutes

Our Introductory Lessons are proving hugely popular with complete beginners and children. We take you through the dos and don’ts, the ever-important safety, gun selection, gun mount and how to hit moving targets in a safe and controlled environment. Once we’ve covered the basics we’ll get you shooting at 15 targets to let you get a feel for the sport.

Suitable ages to start shooting
So how young can you start? Well, it’s different with everyone depending on maturity and size. We never want to start someone too young, and recommend a minimum age of 13 years old, but do call us to discuss.

How long is a lesson?
On average the introductory lesson takes about half an hour. However, if it takes you longer to shoot 10 targets, then it takes longer. Many clay grounds will try and rush you through the system in order to get onto the next person, but here at the Scottish Clay Shooting Centre we want to ensure you gain confidence as a beginner at shooting so we prefer for you to take the time you need – we certainly won’t rush you.

If you have any more questions about our introductory lessons for beginners, then do not hesitate to call – we will tailor everything to you so all you need to do is tell us what you want!