Advanced Lessons

Price: £65
Lesson length: Up to an hour
Prices for Advanced lessons are for tuition only. Use of gun, cartridges and clays are not included (see below for further details).

Our Advanced Lessons are aimed at experienced shots who want to iron out a particular problem or generally improve their already good standard of shooting. These are always tailored to exactly what the individual needs and are aimed at specific aspects of disciplines like Skeet, NSSA Skeet, sporting traps and FITASC.

We want to give shooters a first-class understanding of that discipline and make sure that the next time they shoot a competition or game, they can see the improvement on the score sheets.

What the lesson includes
An Advanced Lesson will usually take one to two hours, it very much depends on the lesson type as they can vary a great deal. The lesson consists of a one to one private coaching session from one of our highly qualified instructors (read more about our instructors here). As they are highly tailored, our Advanced lessons do not include a set number of cartridges or clays. Price per clay is 34p, though please see our prices page for available discounts. The price for cartridges does vary (we’re at the mercy of the cartridge dealers on this front), but do contact us, as we have some of the best-priced cartridges around.

Many clay grounds will try and rush you through the system in order to get onto the next person, but here at the Scottish Clay Shooting Centre we want to ensure you learn and improve as much as possible so we prefer for you to take the time you need – we certainly won’t rush you.