Equipment Hire

You can hire everything you need to go shooting with from the SCSC and, if you’ve booked a lesson, this is all included in the price.

We can lend guns (everything from a .410 to a 12 bore), ear and eye protection.

If you’re not having a lesson we can still lend you a gun, but you will have to hold a current and valid shotgun certificate. We charge only £10 per hour session so you can rest easy that you’re getting great value.

It may be worth signing up to become an SCSC discount card holder as it only costs £35 per year and you will be charged only 22p per clay (rather than 25p), you get a 10 per cent discount on instruction and a five per cent discount on our cartridges.

What’s more, we’ll give you 50 free clays if you introduce a new discount cardholder. If you ask nicely we’ll let you have the 50 clays in a trap rather than on a pallet in the back of your car…